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An AMNet Services Agreement could Include

  •   Server configurations, Administration and Support. ( Microsoft, Unix Linux or OS2 )

  •  Gateway configurations, Administration and Support.

  •  Virtual Private Networks  ( VPN )

  •    Workstation configuration and support.

  •    Software applications installations, troubleshooting, training and support.

  •  Web Design and Web-hosting

 Microsoft operating systems

  • Dos ( all versions )

  • Windows 95

  • Windows 98 ( 1st and 2nd Edition )

  • Windows 2000 and Me

  • Windows Server 2000 and 2003

  • Windows XP

  • Vista


Microsoft Applications

  •  Microsoft Word

  •  Microsoft Excel

  •  PowerPoint

  • Outlook

  • Express

  •  Access

  •  Photo Editor

Other Applications

  •  Word Perfect

  •  Quattro Pro

  •  VIP

  •   Any other software that the User might use with the understanding that our technicians will familiarise themselves in depth with the “unknown” software first.

 Other Services

  •  Network design,  administration and support

  • Trouble shooting server and workstation hardware problems

  •  Internet connectivity implementation and support ( ADSL, Gateway's ... firewalls)

  •  Remote administration via Internet or dial-up modem

  •  E-mail support (Server and Workstation)

  •  Virtual Private Networks  ( VPN )

  • Telephonic support

  •  Hardware configurations, Administration and Support.

  •  Hardware Troubleshooting and repair.

    • Hardware parts are not part of the service agreements and will be charged for separately. However take note that hardware will be supplied as we are registered with numerous companies for hardware purchases.

    •  We don’t hold stock as the fluctuation of the Rand/Dollar makes it an unstable environment and the speed off development is a constant factor. This also ensures that the Client gets the benefit of the “Best Current Price" and "Best Current Technology" so you do not pay excessively for old parts bought at a high price.

    •  A separate contract for hardware maintenance (Parts only) could be entered and can be negotiated. ( Fix price for hardware per month ) We as a company have found however that the client does tend to pay more on the long run for this service, but the option is available.


  • Virus protection and maintenance.

  • Data backup support (Tape, Compact Disk, DVD or other medium as may be  required)

  • Provide backup workstations.

    • AMNet can supply backup workstations that are configured and ready should any of the existing equipment fail. (Swap out) This will ensure that any given user would have no more than 15min downtime.


  • Hardware Upgrades at regular intervals


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Last modified: Saturday, 25 October 2008